To get home, a Golden Retriever walks over 60 miles in two weeks.

Ping An, a golden retriever, was living happily with her loving family in Qidong, Jiangsu, China.

Ping An’s family needed to renovate their home, and in order to keep Ping An safe while the construction was being done, they decided to place her with some of their friends.

They loaded the lovely golden into their car and went two hours to a friend’s house.

Ping An would be safe and well taken care of there, and she would be able to return home in a few months.

In her new, temporary home, Ping An received all the love and care she need. Despite this, she couldn’t shake the feeling of being homesick.

She was heartbroken and couldn’t stop thinking about her family.

She eventually couldn’t stand it any longer after four months.

As a result, she left.

Written by Matt

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