Two nuns go on a mission to Africa and discover upon their return that they are pregnant.

In Catholic ecclesiastical circles, the promises and vows of chastity made by male and female religious representatives are fundamental principles that should never be broken. However, in reality, and especially in the episode we are about to tell you, a completely different story unfolded. Two missionary nuns found themselves in the spotlight: after a trip to Africa, they returned pregnant, which caused a sensation.

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It was in 2019 that the two nuns, one Italian and the other originally from Madagascar, returned to Italy from a charity trip to Africa and discovered that they were pregnant.

Immediately after the discovery, the Catholic Church launched an investigation, expressing its “consternation” at what had happened. According to reports, the two nuns belonged to different orders and became pregnant while performing separate charitable tasks. One of them was reportedly a mother superior, while the other, aged 34, discovered the pregnancy after experiencing severe abdominal pain upon returning to the convent.

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It is certain that both of them had intimate relationships during their stay in Africa, and therefore violated the strict rules of chastity imposed by the religion. The Vatican has made it clear that “the well-being of the children comes first,” and we hope that this is indeed the case. It is likely that both nuns have left their mission to devote themselves to the upbringing of their young children.

It may seem unusual, but this is not the first time such episodes have occurred. And they are certainly not limited to only female religious members. Although, in most cases, they are shrouded in secrecy, it seems that obligations and promises of chastity are not always as easy to abide by. We can only hope that the two children grow up in the best possible way.

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