Waiter furios as table of 21 ask for separate checks

On social media, some servers have expressed their opinion on the issue of separate checks during a restaurant meal.

The latest person to complain about splitting the check after a table of 21 people asked for separate bills is a restaurant waitress.

User Dana recently posted a video on TikTok. In the clip, she is seen using the screen of her cash register to enter items on each bill.

“When 21 customers come in and want separate checks,” she wrote in the overlay text.

She shows all the receipts coming out of the printer and all the signed receipts that she folded after entering each item on the corresponding bill.

“In the caption of the video, the waitress wrote sarcastically, ‘I have no hatred towards these people! They were so kind.’

Dana is not the only one participating in discussions about proper etiquette in restaurants. Last month, a bartender sparked a controversial discussion after advising servers to approach customers who don’t leave tips.”

“Thousands of people have seen the waitress’s clip and left comments about the kind of customers who behave this way.

One commenter said, ‘Sometimes they all order the same thing. To make it easier for servers, one person could pay and the others could give them their share.’

Another online user wrote, ‘I literally tell them no when they ask for separate checks.’

Another person commented, ‘I remember this time. It’s not funny. I hope they paid with cards and gave a good tip.’

Dana added, ‘I asked them at the beginning how many checks they wanted. I prefer to put everything on one bill and then split it up so that everyone gets their meal at the same time.'”

Written by Matt

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