What are baby beavers called?

We know them for their long teeth, flat tail, and their propensity to create dams in rivers… We are of course talking about beavers, those charming little engineers! These semi-aquatic mammals have a dense and waterproof fur that allows them to stay warm even in cold water.

But beware, their fur doesn’t make them cuddly toys.

Indeed, beavers can measure up to one meter long and weigh on average 33 to 77 lbs.

Their long incisors are very powerful and sharp, allowing them to cut branches and tree trunks necessary to build their habitats.

Beavers are primarily herbivores and feed on the most abundant vegetation in their environment, such as tree bark and aquatic plants.

If the species was considered threatened for several years, it is no longer since the beginning of the 21st century thanks to conservation programs that have drawn attention to the importance of beavers in the ecosystem of North American and Eurasian forests and rivers.

By the way, what are baby beavers called?

Like the young of other species (including ferrets, squirrels, or weasels), young beavers are called kits or kittens.

They are raised by both parents in a semi-submerged colony, sometimes with several generations coexisting.

Each spring, female beavers can have up to 6 kits. They are capable of swimming only a few hours after birth due to their environment.

They usually leave to find a mate at the age of 2 or 3 years old.

Written by Matt

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