What happens in the last moments of an animal’s life?

Pets are beings that receive affection and love from humans. They are taken care of, housed, and fed by their adoptive families. They bring joy to their owners’ lives and are often considered man’s best friends. However, this union and love cannot be eternal. Like everything else, there comes a day when pets leave this world. Unfortunately, it is often up to their owners to decide to end their suffering. This situation is extremely difficult emotionally, and some cannot bear to accompany their pets during their last moments. But according to veterinarians, it would be even more difficult for animals that are left alone. Animal Channel shared the opinion of a veterinarian on this matter.

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Pets have a shorter lifespan than humans, so it is highly likely that you will be faced with their loss. You should therefore know some things in order to better prepare for this separation. Understanding what happens during their final moments will alleviate your suffering, especially if they have to go through euthanasia. This involves ending the life of a suffering animal, whether due to old age or a painful and incurable illness. That being said, despite the pain felt at this time, your pet will need you and your support.

Ending the suffering of your pet

Euthanizing a pet is not an easy decision, but when it is the only way to relieve their suffering, it is made out of love to end their agony. This procedure allows the animal to leave this life with dignity and without spending the remainder of their days in irreparable pain.

It should be noted that this separation can be even more painful than when the animal dies naturally, as the owner may carry a sense of guilt. Additionally, some owners do not have the courage to stay with their animals during their final moments in order to avoid keeping these images in their mind. But is leaving them alone not an act of abandonment?

The veterinarians’ opinion on this.

A veterinarian from Hillcrest Hospital spoke up and delivered a message to all pet owners who are about to put an end to their pets’ lives. The message was as follows: “Do not let your pets leave life in a room they do not know and filled with strangers.” He also affirmed that when you abandon them at this moment, they will look for you because it is when they need you the most. You are the most important person in the world to them, and naturally, they will need you to feel reassured.

Dr. Evan Shaw, also a veterinarian, agrees with this message. He added that during his career, he had to euthanize animals several times and that this task is extremely difficult emotionally. However, he has found that the presence of owners makes the procedure easier for the animals.

How to overcome the loss of a pet

Grieving the loss of a pet is comparable to losing a very close family member or a best friend or life partner. To overcome this pain, there are several stages of grief to go through. Firstly, there is denial, as it is possible that you may not accept the separation. Then, there is anger, which is entirely normal, but you cannot do anything about it. This is when the sadness is truly felt, and you will feel all the pain that this loss causes you. Finally, there is acceptance, as with time, you will learn to live with this feeling of emptiness and return to your usual rhythm of life. Going through all these stages is essential to externalize what you feel and ensure that you do not relapse afterward. However, this will not fill the void that your pet has left as your pet will remain forever in your heart.


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