What is the cloud hiding? Try to give an answer to this nice optical illusion

Optical illusions are the right excuse to test your creativity and imagination. In this, nature very often helps us by giving life to very particular shapes, colors, and shades that deceive the eye and make the mind travel. This is how we begin to imagine flying horses, cars, people, and any other form our eyes can follow and our brain can create.

This time it was a Reddit user who posted a very peculiar photo of a cloud that is reminiscent of something. Let’s find out together.

Source: Reddit/jhvk

What does that remind you of? An animal, a person, an object?

We don’t want to reveal yet the answer given by the user @jhvk, author of the post and the photo. What we are sure of is that the photo and the game have gone around the web and have been shared by a very large number of people. Everyone had fun giving their own interpretation, sharing and arguing each answer with the others.

If you want to think about it a little more, we advise you not to continue reading, because we are about to reveal the first hypothesis.

Source: Reddit/jhvk

Did you think the same thing? It appears to be a cat. The author of the photo even traced his features to make it even clearer. In this case, the cat seems about to take a big leap, perhaps to catch prey or to move from one low wall to another or from one roof to another, given the location.

Whatever the pink cat intends to do, it’s clear that it has its ears pricked up and is alert to what’s moving around it. But if you think that’s the only shape you can find in the cloud, you’re wrong. And from the rest, we reveal the second.


image: Reddit/jhvk

A dog, yes. Besides the cat, another four-legged friend makes an appearance in the fluffy cloud. A change of angle of view is enough to modify the first interpretation. Did any of you spot it?

We don’t know, but we are sure that everyone can see what they want in a cloud or any other natural formation.

Again, the dog has its legs stretched forward, but its muzzle is turned upwards. Maybe he’s barking at something or facing someone. We can’t give a definitive answer, but we’re sure your imagination has a lot of fun with such a gift from Mother Nature.

image: Reddit/jhvk


Written by Matt

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