Where is the mistake in the image? Only those who are very attentive can find it

Where is the mistake in the image?

If you are a regular visitor to our page, perhaps you diligently practice your spelling or observation skills through our little tests. We greatly appreciate contributing to training your eyes and stimulating your brain.

Where is the mistake in the image?

That’s why today we’re back with an illustration to look at carefully, in order to spot the mistake.

The image is truly seasonal: it presents a beautiful snowy landscape, with white hills and fir trees on the horizon. So bucolic…

Indeed, in the foreground, we can also see a man who seems to have gone to fetch some wood while smoking his pipe. He is well equipped for the snowy outing, wearing sturdy boots, carrying a walking stick, a good jacket, and a hat.

He is also accompanied by his four-legged best friend, an adorable dog with long, reddish fur.

We can imagine them returning to get warm and making a good fire with the firewood they brought back.

But before that, we need to analyze this still image to detect what is not normal.

Have you discovered it?

If you want a little clue, know that it’s something that differs between the man and the dog.

Yes, you found it! While the dog leaves small footprints behind him in the snow, his master, on the other hand, leaves no footprints at all. Quite strange, isn’t it?



Written by Matt

Covered in 800 tattoos, mother cannot find a job and is convinced that it’s because of her appearance.

A mother can't understand why her son's grave is green.

A mother can’t understand why her son’s grave is green