Which of these women is the man’s wife? You have 5 seconds to solve this challenge!

To find the solution to this challenge, you will not only have to use your visual skills, but also your common sense.

Tony only remembers that his wife was about to give birth, but he doesn’t remember which one it was. Try to solve this viral challenge in 5 seconds.

Many people have tried to solve this challenge but failed. And 9 out of 10 people around me have not found the answer, which seems simple. All you have to do is find out which of the three women in the photo is the wife of the man in the hospital bed.

In order for you to succeed in this logic puzzle, you must carefully observe the image that we are going to show you below.

We see 3 women and a man who has lost his memory and who no longer knows who his wife is. All he remembers is that she was pregnant and about to give birth.

Try to use your visual ability and insight to the maximum and you can find the correct answer.

Do you notice anything that can give you a clue?

If you haven’t found it yet, here’s a clue that can help you:

Look at the shoes of the three women.

Well, if despite our help you still haven’t found the solution, don’t worry, because we’ll show you the answer below.


The woman on the left, in red, does not look like she is about to give birth.
The woman in the center is wearing high heels, so she could be pretending to be pregnant.
The woman on the right didn’t tie her shoelaces, which means she couldn’t.
It is therefore the woman on the right, in green, who is Tony’s wife.


Written by Matt

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