Woman Explains That Parents Should Not Change Their Babies’ Diapers Without Their Consent

Consent is an important issue that should not be taken lightly. For children, experts say, care should also be taken. The moment of washing, and changing diapers, in particular, is special and also allows you to build a bond with your child.

But for Lottie Daley, this should be a time when we should learn what consent is. She recently appeared on the TV show “This Morning” to talk about this topic. Lottie talks about how we learn bodily autonomy and consent from the child when they get a little older. She thinks that instead, you should model the behavior from birth.

In the television show “This Morning”, tickling and changing diapers were at the heart of the debate for which Lottie Daley was notably invited. This mother explained that she found it essential to explain to the child that we were going to change his diaper. 

For her, it’s about making her gradually realize that it’s her body, not ours. Thus, we get used to asking the child if it suits him if he agrees with what is happening and what we are doing. 

Lottie Daley explains that the subject of consent has become central and that it should be addressed before adolescence. Changing diapers and tickling are therefore an excellent starting point. She notably told how she did with her daughters.

Her children like tickles but not to be tickled by everyone. They are able to answer yes or no depending on who wants to tickle them. However, for many parents, including Vanessa Feltz, also present on the set, this is going a little too far.

For this mom, tickling is simply conveying innocent love, it’s a fun game. Having to ask for consent every time seems counterproductive to him.

Written by Matt

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