Woman shaves her legs in hotel pool: Photos go viral

When summer comes, everyone tries to show off in public in the best possible way. For this, we go to the hairdresser, in a beauty salon and we take care of our body. A routine that is applied either, as we have said, in premises suitable for this purpose, or at home.

That’s not what the woman at the center of the story we’re about to tell you thought. Without caring about the people around her and the public nature of the pool she was in, she decided to shave her legs in plain sight .

image: screwsausage/Reddit

In a video that appeared on Reddit, a woman appears to be sitting by the poolside of a hotel in Florida. A perfectly normal scene, especially if you’re on vacation, that wouldn’t bother anyone, if only the lady hadn’t decided to do something unusual for the place where she was. After she sat down, she pulled out a razor and began to shave her legs .

Amazed by the gesture, another hotel guest decided to capture the moment in a video and share it on social media. Obviously, the images went around the web in no time, totaling a high number of views, and the woman became famous for her singular gesture. Reports, newspapers, television shows, everywhere the incident has been reported, and although no rule prohibits it, it is certainly not the most difficult thing to do, especially if you are not alone and that there are other people around enjoying the pool.

image: screwsausage/Reddit

It’s true that in some cases you don’t have time to do everything and that personal care can come after other obligations, but it’s equally true that you can’t decide to shave in a place open to the public . The choice of the lady obviously provoked many comments from those who saw the video.

Many protested against the gesture, arguing that the hotel pool was not the best place to shave, while some took the opportunity to make fun of it.

Written by Matt

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